Exporting a List of your Customers as a CSV Report

You can export a list of all or some of your Customers, as Comma Separated Values (CSV) for your use, by following the below mentioned process:

  1. Login to your Reseller Control Panel. 1

  2. In the Menu, point to Customers and click Export.

  3. You may sort your list based on either or all, of these criteria:

    • Country: To get a list of Customers from a particular Country, select it from this drop down, otherwise leave this field as Select a Country to search for Customers from all countries.

    • Customer Status: Select Active or Suspended to narrow your criteria or leave as Any to select all.

    • Creation Date Between: By default, this field displays a date range beginning from the last week. You may select the beginning date as per your requirements by toggling the appropriate drop downs.

    • Total Receipts Between: By specifying the Total Receipts figure in these text boxes, you can target a specific set of your Customers.

    Upon clicking the Export as CSV button, YES MOM HOSTING would be emailing you a list of all your Customers that satisfy the criteria you mentioned above, at your Reseller Username (Email Address). You may also mark a copy of the exported CSV file to one or more custom email address by specifying the same under the Mark a copy of the Export to (Email Addresses) field.


    You may specify multiple email addresses in the Mark a copy of the Export to (Email Addresses) field by separating them with a comma (,).


The system will accept only 1 Export request at a time and you will not be allowed to submit another request, until you have been emailed the results of your previous action.